Zoomable Panoramic View of Sistine Chapel in HTML5

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Click (or tap if you’re using a touch-screen) to zoom in:

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Rotate View: [Upside down] [90° Clockwise] [90° Counterclockwise]

Above is the first HTML5-enabled panoramic view of the Sistine Chapel ceiling with high-resolution zoom-and-pan interactivity. Combining the very old and the newest together is always interesting, as in this view inside the 500-year old chapel using the latest Internet technologies. Usage of HTML5 means accessability in almost all browsers and operating systems (Windows, Macintosh or others) as well as mobile devices, i.e. iPhones, iPads and Android phones and tablets.

One of the unique features shown above is how natural light streams through the chapel’s windows. For comparison’s sake, here is the Vatican’s 360-degree virtual tour of the Sistine Chapel which uses Adobe Flash Player, launched in early 2010. You may compare the chapel’s ceiling in both my HTML5-enabled version and the Vatican’s Adobe Flash-enabled one, in terms of usability and accessibility. I personally believe it’s time for their incredible virtual tour to be upgraded to HTML5.